Wearing white after Labor Day

”Dear Kathie, Is white after Labor Day a breach of etiquette or just a fashion no-no?”

Putting away the white after Labor Day is more of a time honored tradition that stems from class distinction in the early 1900’s. In New England ladies start wearing white after Memorial Day, as to where Southern ladies begin wearing white after Easter, and traditionally everyone puts their white away after Labor Day, signaling an official ‘end to summer.’

While ‘fashion experts and influencers’ threw this rule out the window over a decade ago, I can tell you you that most ladies of distinction would not dream of breaking this rule. A fellow etiquette professional that I have been friends with for years and lives in Florida STILL refuses to wear white after Labor Day even though it’s a million degrees year round. While, I am not one to judge what one wears I must confess that not so long ago I’d rather have had teeth pulled with no anesthesia than wear white past Labor Day.

However, now that I live in the land of perpetual summer I will probably being wearing white to Thanksgiving Dinner….and Christmas Eve supper….New Years Eve….Valentine’s Day.

So, dear reader, my answer to you is if you are one of those fashion rebels that throw caution to the wind I say wear that white with PRIDE. But don’t go getting ‘too rambunctious and wild’. I’ll let you off the hook for those white jeans….but there is NEVER an excuse to not have a proper table setting…..which we will discuss NEXT time.

Till then…..Kathie

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